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Mr. Charlie Law shared his new song, "The Bubble Song," for Grandpop Bubbles to post for friends.

Clickon the stream to hear Mr. Charlie Law sing his song to his guitar accompaniment, "The Bubble Song" is © Mr. Charlie Law.

About Me

Brian "Grandpop Bubbles" Maloney


There is nothing more fun for me as an entertainer than creating giant bubbles and bubble blizzards for kids to chase and pop. The parents and grands enjoy it, too, but they tend to not scream as loud... or run as much. It's also entertaining to see their excitement as they make the BIGGEST bubbles of their lives at my "Bubble Festivals" with all of my personaly designed and manufactured bubbling gear and secret bubble recipe. -- GPOPB

Make the BIGGEST Bubbles of Your Life

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Grandpop Bubbles, your entertainer for bubbles, brings the gear and juice for kids from ages 12-months to 1200-months to join in the fun. Every Bubble Festival is hours of fun -- bubbling and popping for everyone!

Popping Bubbles Has Become A Sport

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When was the last time you rode your dad or mom's shoulders to crash into bubbles? Please don't deny your children this fun! Find a Bubble Festival by Grandpop Bubbles, GPOPB, the bubble entertainer.


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I am FULLY BOOKED for 2019... I am taking requests for 2020 and beyond.

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